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Situational Judgement Tests, are you ready?

Aimed to accurately assess your aptitude to perform effectively as a foundation doctor and based on a direct analysis of the job you will be asked to repond to descriptions of challenging situations you are likely to face in the role. Your responses will be in the form of ranking a  multiple choice list of possible courses of action.

Situational judgement tests (SJT) look to replace ‘white space’ application questions for foundation applications from 2013. The initial pilots have proved successful.

Sat under exam conditions 2013 candidates will be asked to tackle 60 questions in two hours. Papers will then be machine marked.

Details of situational judgement tests along with example questions with answers are worth a look.

Pilots taking place at University of Manchester Medical School this autumn will be a shortened version of the test with 30 questions in one hour.

Reflecting on your experiences, reviewing and maintaining your portfolio is good professional practice as your medical career evolves. Mapping your current practice against the UKFPO person specification will help you anticipate the attributes which will be tested. (Key documents section)

Resources about assessment tools used in recruitment and selection are available from the North Western Medical Deanery Careers and the university careers service.

Further situational judgement test practice questions available here.



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